Futurama Cast of Characters

I found this new TV show called Futurerama.




I will tell you all of the main characters :

  • Fry – He came from the year 2000 in a cryogenics lab and ended in the year 3000.
  • Leela – One-eyed mutant.  People think she is an alien but she is not – she is a mutant.
  • Dr. Zoidberg – A crustacean doctor.
  • BB Rodriguez – A bending robot. He bends girders for a living until he got a dead-end job in a space ship.
  • Hermes Conrad – A bureaucrat who is once #5 now is 32.
  • Nibbler as the Leela’s pet – He eats everything.  He is a Nibblonian – his race was the first in the entire universe.  They live thousands of years.
  • Amy Wong is from a very rich family – Of the Wong family.  They are extremely rich.  The bought Mars. The planet.
  • Morbo – A television reporter.
  • Scruffy – The janitor. Boilers and toilets. Toilets and boilers. And plus that one boiling toilet.
  • Mom – Industrious. Mean as hell.
  • Labarbara – Hermes Conrad’s wife. Extremely tall.
  • Kiff – Amy’s boyfriend. An alien with no bones infused with bladder-like cells.
  • Lurr – I am Lurr! Ruler of the Planet Omicron Persei 8.
  • Zapp Brannigan – Horrible leader. Slept with Leela.
  • Linda – Morbo’s second reporter.
  • Calculon – Perfect actor. He got his acting abilities from the Robot Devil.
  • Boxy – Calculon’s twin brother.
  • NDND – Pronounced “unda-unda.” Lur’s wife. Very mean.
  • URL – NNYPD.
  • Smitty – NNYPD.
  • Flexo – An exact copy of Bender, but with a soul patch.
  • Qubert Farnsworth – The Professor’s clone.
  • Dwight Conrad – Hermes Conrad’s son.
  • H.G. Blob – Bullies Dwight and Qubert. Once put their lunches in a science experiment in a black hole.
  • The Robot Devil – Owns hell.
  • Slurm McKenzie – A party slurm. Slurm is a drink from that period time – like a soda.
  • Hypnotoad – Everybody loves Hypnotoad!
  • Brain Slug – Attaches onto Hermes Conrad during one episode. He controls the brain.
  • Gender Bender – It’s Bender in a wrestling outfit.
  • Professor Hubert Farnsworth – I am the professor. He is the owner of Planet Express.
  • Uncle Zoid – Doctor Zoidberg’s uncle who is a famous comedy man.
  • Santa Claus – A non-stop Xmas killing machine gone horribly wrong.



Photo credit: spacecoyote.deviantart.com


What about you? Which character is your favorite?

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