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I am reviewing red versus blue.  This is a show about Halo through all of its history.  Is a show about the red team which is Sergeant and a blue team with Captain Flowers aka a freelancer which you will learn in the history of it.


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The cast is:


Red Team:





And a Spanish robot named Lopez.

And a puma class vehicle.


Blue Team:

Captain Flowers dies in the first episode of aspirin overdose.

Church is now the Captain or so called The Captain but he is really a private.

Tucker (earmuffs for the kids) – says he has been laid but he has not.

Michael J. Caboose – He is a little slow.

Sheila – a tank.  yes you heard me, a tank.

Freckles – Caboose’s pet aka a military class mantis assault droid. You will learn about Freckles later on.


Neutral Team:

Doc – a medic.

Agent Texas from the Freelancer corporation. sort of a bad ass.

Wyoming – a knock knock fanatic.

Agent Maine – Think of 10 Texases in one person.

Agent North Dakota – Agent South Dakota’s brother.  A marksman headhunter.

Agent South Dakota – Agent North Dakota’s sister. She is a sharpshooter.

Agent Georgia – No one knows about him.

Agent Carolina – Texas’s rival and leader of the Freelance Squad.

Agent York – A locksmith.

Agent Flowers – aka Captain Flowers of the Red vs Blue.

C.T. – A infiltrated character.


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Inactive Agents:


Dos.0 – aka a dumber version of Lopez

Sister – Grif’s sister

Junior – The product of an alien impregnation of Tucker.


Artificial Intelligence:

They are all fragments of AI called Alpha aka Church.  A memory of the Director.








New – Santa.  Caboose named him. He is an alien AI.


Chorus War:



John Elizabeth Andersmith


Matthews – a kiss ass.

Dr. Gray – a doctor for the FAC.

Kimball – leader of the New Republic.


Season 13 has come out on Netflix and I want to share the new characters with you.

Sharkface – He was in the war with the freelancers.



What about you? Who is your favorite character?

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I found this new TV show called Futurerama.


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I will tell you all of the main characters :

  • Fry – He came from the year 2000 in a cryogenics lab and ended in the year 3000.
  • Leela – One-eyed mutant.  People think she is an alien but she is not – she is a mutant.
  • Dr. Zoidberg – A crustacean doctor.
  • BB Rodriguez – A bending robot. He bends girders for a living until he got a dead-end job in a space ship.
  • Hermes Conrad – A bureaucrat who is once #5 now is 32.
  • Nibbler as the Leela’s pet – He eats everything.  He is a Nibblonian – his race was the first in the entire universe.  They live thousands of years.
  • Amy Wong is from a very rich family – Of the Wong family.  They are extremely rich.  The bought Mars. The planet.
  • Morbo – A television reporter.
  • Scruffy – The janitor. Boilers and toilets. Toilets and boilers. And plus that one boiling toilet.
  • Mom – Industrious. Mean as hell.
  • Labarbara – Hermes Conrad’s wife. Extremely tall.
  • Kiff – Amy’s boyfriend. An alien with no bones infused with bladder-like cells.
  • Lurr – I am Lurr! Ruler of the Planet Omicron Persei 8.
  • Zapp Brannigan – Horrible leader. Slept with Leela.
  • Linda – Morbo’s second reporter.
  • Calculon – Perfect actor. He got his acting abilities from the Robot Devil.
  • Boxy – Calculon’s twin brother.
  • NDND – Pronounced “unda-unda.” Lur’s wife. Very mean.
  • URL – NNYPD.
  • Smitty – NNYPD.
  • Flexo – An exact copy of Bender, but with a soul patch.
  • Qubert Farnsworth – The Professor’s clone.
  • Dwight Conrad – Hermes Conrad’s son.
  • H.G. Blob – Bullies Dwight and Qubert. Once put their lunches in a science experiment in a black hole.
  • The Robot Devil – Owns hell.
  • Slurm McKenzie – A party slurm. Slurm is a drink from that period time – like a soda.
  • Hypnotoad – Everybody loves Hypnotoad!
  • Brain Slug – Attaches onto Hermes Conrad during one episode. He controls the brain.
  • Gender Bender – It’s Bender in a wrestling outfit.
  • Professor Hubert Farnsworth – I am the professor. He is the owner of Planet Express.
  • Uncle Zoid – Doctor Zoidberg’s uncle who is a famous comedy man.
  • Santa Claus – A non-stop Xmas killing machine gone horribly wrong.


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Photo credit:


What about you? Which character is your favorite?

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So, Fallout 4 is out on steam about a month ago.  Some people may not have it yet, and neither do I.  But I can tell you about it.


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The new build-a-base… it was not in Fallout 3, but judging by JackSepticeye’s video, now you can build bases next to farms and other places to defend against raiders.


What about you?  Have you played Fallout 4?  What do you think?


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Black Ops 3 is a fun game to play on devices.  Here are some pros and cons of Black Ops 3 that I thought of.



  • The game is fun.
  • Multi-player.
  • The zombies have a better story line than the first two Black Ops.



  • Multi-player sucks because it lags out a lot.
  • There is no campaign for the Xbox 360 edition.
  • For Xbox 360, they need to add the same features as Xbox One and PS4.


What about you?  What do you like or dislike about Black Ops 3 on Xbox 360?